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Balancing Act

17 Apr

Being a lawyer is what I always wanted to do. At least since I was 12, it was my chosen profession. Now that I am living ┬ámy “dream” I am torn between being a good lawyer and being what I consider being a good mom. Most days I don’t think I succeed at either. I hate leaving in the mornings. Despite what so many other moms have said, it has not gotten better. Every day I leave my cheery boy behind I feel so guilty. I feel like I am missing so much. At work, I am no longer able to work the long hours I used to. At a certain point in the day I get twitchy. Anxious to get back to my boy. I wish I knew the answer. Would I be happier if I worked part-time? would I be fulfilled as a stay at home mom? I wish I knew the answers. At minimum I realize how lucky I am to be lawyer doing work I really like and coming home to this face.


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