The Shut-In

10 Mar

Although I have always had a healthy appreciation for my couch and DVR, I have never been one to stay in the house for weeks on end. With Baby G finally getting his shots I am finally cleared to venture out more. Still, I am so hesitant. Aside from this being a terrible flu season, I am petrified that my angelic baby is going to turn into a banshee the minute I take him out. I’ll be one of those people with a screaming baby disrupting tranquility everywhere. Baby G can probably break a few glasses when he is in meltdown mode. I prefer not to share that with the world.

Nonetheless yesterday was Ash Wednesday and I really wanted to go to mass. I summoned my courage and decided I would try to take the baby with me. I packed him up and crossed my fingers. I sat in one of the back rows just in case a hasty exit was needed. Surprisingly my little one did great. I felt so victorious.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy nowadays.


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