6 Months

25 Sep

It’s been a long time since I have been on here.  As I sit here typing I can feel the thumping of my unborn son as he kicks my insides. My husband and I were lucky enough to successfully conceive a healthy baby boy.  So far so good. I am cautiously optimistic about our bright future together. Every day that goes by I am happy to know my son is growing and getting stronger. The idea that I should have a newborn in about 3 months is pretty surreal. 

 I still get nervous that something could go wrong. That’s what I get for reading the entire internet and every miscarriage story I come across. I have no idea why I read things that make me worry. I guess part of me thinks I have to brace myself for any possibility. Perhaps if I read every story, somehow I will survive if the unthinkable happens to me. I am usually not a worrier.  Even I find it strange that I feel this way.  It just seems like so many great things have been happening for me.

Can life really be this good?


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