Type A+

8 May

My husband calls me a Type A+, because apparently it doesn’t do me justice to just say I am a Type A person. Two months into our decision to start a family, I now have over 6 books, 5 iphone apps, and countless google searches about all things pregnancy. The unfortunate thing about trying to make a baby, is that it is unlike any endeavor I have ever undertaken you can’t work harder to make it happen. No matter how many books I read or apps I use, I can’t make my body do anything it doesn’t want to. The more obsessive I become, the more I worry that I will actually harm my chances, by stressing myself out. That said, I am too Type A+ to just passively wait for everything to fall in place. No. In the meantime I will be charting temperatures and reading articles because that is just what someone like me would do.  The control freak in me can’t help itself. Don’t judge me.


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